rhythms for renewal






  Brian Cannon



Drumming in Portugal


A Journey of Discovery, Healing, & Transformation, deeply rooted in the practice of Traditional West African Village-Style Percussion

»»» A community-wellness event,
suitable for all skill-levels of drummers «««

Traditional West African Percussion is an indigenous technology which has been used since ancient times to maintain or restore harmony within both individuals and communities. We are blessed to have been gifted this healing art, along with the encouragement to practice it with intention and reverence.


Tribal Trance Drumming is an intensive workshop, an immersion into traditional West African village-style percussion designed and facilitated to be not only a technical music study, but also a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, striving towards both individual and community wholeness.

We most humbly invite you to join us on this ancient journey towards wholeness and harmony.

  • Participants should bring a Djembe, or similar style hand-drum. if you do not own one, perhaps it is possible to borrow one from a friend. If you absolutely do not have a drum to bring, it's ok, there will be a few extras and no-one will be excluded. please make every effort to bring a drum.
  • The number of participants in each workshop is limited due to covid19 restrictions. It is therefore highly recommended to pre-register as soon as possible.
  • We are unable to welcome dogs, or any other pets or livestock, at TTD sessions
  • Kids aged 12+ are very welcome to participate. kids under 12 are welcome to be present, but it is then optimal that there is another adult who is not participating in the workshop present to give that child the attention/supervision necessary so that there is minimal distraction to the focus of the group.
  • Please arrive a bit early, and be ready to begin at the scheduled time. This is a group process, a group journey, and it is essential that we begin the journey together.




"All events temporarily suspended pending developments with the state of emergency in Portugal."

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