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Brian Cannon
Cannon, at a drumming workshop in March, 2018

Meet Cannon

b. Cannon, certified as both Naturalist and Educator, has over 20 years experience journeying both far and near in the acquisition, practice, and sharing of primal living skills. His path has led him to focus on traditional West African village-style percussion as an optimal means to share his medicine with the community and world: learning, practicing to be present and aware, to connect deeply, to immerse one's self in the inter-connectedness of being.


Cannon, when he was living as a nomadic goat-herder in the wild desert canyons of Arizona in March, 2013


"I have enjoyed everything I have done with Cannon. He is strong and embodied, present and considered, respectful and creative. I have watched him lead groups and workshops, and he consistently strikes a healthy balance between leading closely at times and giving people room to explore at other times. Whether it is drumming, wilderness survival, basketmaking or other skills, he is a very good teacher and ally. He both delivers the basic instructions for getting the fundamentals right, and extends his offer to touch into the places where true growth happens. I recommend him highly." — Steve Self, Aikido 4th dan instructor.


"I have drummed with Cannon a few times and plan to continue learning from him. WOW!!! Cannon has a knack for making drumming for beginners with limited rhythm fun, effortless, and successful!!! He makes sure everyone gets the skills he is teaching. He is patient, passionate, funny, and truly is a master at drumming. I highly recommend these classes and workshops with Cannon. It has added a beautiful dimension to my life." — Dr. Lori Krauss